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Eye spy into their little eyes

Have you ever looked into a child’s eye? I mean really, really looked. At the shape — round, oval, how they sit so neatly under the eyebrows. The size, how delicate and petite they are, like a perfect marble. And how perfect the skin around it is.

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Baby blues

As an exclusively breastfeeding mum who didn’t really share the job with anyone else, I spent hundreds of hours up close with my babies, no more than 10 inches from their face. All hours of the day, in all manner of places. It’s hard not to notice their eyes — just how incredible they are, and how many stories they can tell.

The coloured iris changing shades, slowly, as Mother Nature selects the final, pretty colour. Different light conditions showing off all the possibilities. The pupil, so small yet so active, pumping open and closed, taking in the constant stream of information presented to it. No wonder they tire so easily.

Alert eyes, darting every which way, as if searching for an unknown danger. A dog barks, a door opens, a sibling has a meltdown. All sounds, that to an infant are so completely foreign and scary, their first glance is to their minder. A nervousness radiates and all it takes is one softly spoken word of reassurance for calm to restore itself, and then a deep sigh of relief.

Hurting eyes, whatever the pain, you can see they are trusting you that milk might just help, but they are still hurting. It’s usually these same eyes that break our hearts. It’s hard to fix a problem that you can’t see or find. A lone tear might escape, betraying the eyes, as they will your words to be true — but the pain remains.

The closed eyes, so intent on feeding that they only open every few minutes — just to check you’re still there. Content with what they see, they lazily close again and happily continue on.

Tired eyes that fight to stay open to gaze longingly at ‘the one with the milk’. Magnificent, unspoiled eyelashes slowly opening and closing before succumbing to slumber. The gentle sucking a comfort like no other.

And cheeky eyes, they glisten, the delight is obvious as they find something amusing or are simply just happy to be right where they are. They break out into an expected grin and you usually can’t help grinning back at them.

Yes, I very much love their eyes.

At the end of each day, Heather Woods, founder of @HeatherWoodsMedia is a human learning to parent. And to juggle.

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